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Urmston Mens club has a proud tradition as a bowls club as that is one of the main reasons that it was founded back in 1923. Today we have 3 sections and their seasons run from april to september.
the A & B teams play on a monday, tuesday and wednesday night and the veterans team play on a tuesday and wednesday afternoon.

The A team left the Urmston league last year and play in two different leagues.
Sale and district, where they are currently top of the table
Altrincham & south Manchester

The B team are in the Urmston League and are currently mid table

The vets section have 2 teams and both are mid table in their respective leagues.

This year saw our new pool team formed and they joined the Eccles and Salford league where they are currently second in the table. The team play on a tuesday night either home or away.

We have 2 snooker teams and their season runs from september to march. Tuesday night is their night and either the A or B team will be at home on that evening.
This year the season starts on 7.9.21 and will be a resumption of the season that was called off due to covid restrictions in 2020.

If I’ve piqued your interest then click on the links to see how the teams are doing, come and support them or even join one of the teams, it’s more fun than you would imagine.