The AGM was held on 7.8.21 and although there wasn’t a lot to report there were three proposals put forward to change rules and they were as follows;

1) Change the due date of the annual subscription to 31.5.2022 (from 31.1.2022) and on the 31st May each year going forward.
2) Streamline the membership categories to a much fairer system of LIFE, HONORARY & FULL MEMBERS only.
3) The position of Assistant Secretary to be made optional to the needs of the Secretary at the time.

All of the above were voted on and passed by the members who attended the AGM.
Rule 1 Will affect all of us.
Rule 2 Will affect all Associate, Associate Honorary, Country and Junior members. This will mean that all Associates and Country members will pay a full sub.
            All Associate Honorary members will pay the Honorary sub.

Another key point from the AGM is that the club made a £6K profit in 2020 which as usual will be invested back into the club.

To other news,
the rewire of the function room is now complete and we will be moving onto the next stage of decorating and new curtains next.
We’re currently in the process of getting quotes to refurbish the exterior and the foyer of the club and I will keep you posted on that. We can always do with help from members on housing jobs; it’s greatly appreciated.
So that I can remember the ‘news’ as it happens I will have my pad out around the club to take notes on anything of interest or if any of you want me to put anything into the news then just email me. 

My very best wishes as usual,
Per ardua ad astra